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Common writing problems

By on May 11, 2018
Common writing problems

Common writing problems


Part 2 of the common struggles writers come across when producing art to read the previous post you can read it here.


1.     Endless procrastinating. One of the common writing problems 




Common writing problems for writers. Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest Tumblr you name it. They are a distraction. I spend hours doing youtube “research” which involves watching recipes or music videos of my favorite bands. Organizing bookshelves, the closet clearing. You name it.






2.       Trying the overcome, the notorious blank page and the cursor blanking you.

Sometimes you have the scene constructed in your head, you know what your characters are going to do, the dialogue, the action. Everything is laid out but when it comes to putting it down to paper, your mind goes blink the words can’t seem to flow.  


3.    Trying to figure out how to develop your characters

One-dimensional, too shallow, the Mary Sue. Are the characters likable? Unlikable? What can I do to make them better? It’s a common writing problem coming up with great characters.


4.       Trying to find time to write

Writing requires time, discipline, and patience. We daydream of being a full-time author but before that happens, we need to sustain ourselves. We need to eat, like it or not we have to work. Doing a day job is eight hours of our lives, then there are the house chores, the shopping, meeting with friends, picking the children to school. The list goes on and on. We just want time to write!


5.       Editing

Last of the common writing problems. A writer is never happy with what she/he produces. We start editing the first draft before finishing it. We wish the manuscript could edit itself without hiring a professional editor. We want to perfect that manuscript the best we can. Therefore, we edit, edit and edit.



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