The Anatomy of Cheating book review
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The Anatomy of Cheating book review

The Anatomy of Cheating book review


Lust, deception, betrayal, and their inevitable outcomes weave a web nearly impossible to escape in Nesly Clerge’s latest novel. 

Chelsea Hall is certain her husband is cheating. Again. How far will a wife go when her adulterous husband pushes her to the edge? Some stop at the cliff’s edge. Others leap into the abyss. Garrett Hall wants what and who he wants. His detachment from their relationship leads Chelsea to seek what she needs elsewhere, and onto a path that leads to bliss. What begins as a dream-come-true soon becomes a nightmare when the line between who is innocent and who is guilty soon blurs. Until the horrifying truth becomes clear. And, the question becomes, Who will survive?



The Anatomy of Cheating book review


The book opens with a therapist in a seminar where she explains about cheating and this caught my attention. As the book title suggests we know what this is about. The story centers on Chelsea, Garret, and their fifteen-year-old daughter Kimberly. There is Luke his wife Brandi. 


I found it hard to identify with Chelsea her husband is a serial cheater; she knows about it but she has no problem driving around the Bentley he bought her. For me, she stayed him for her kept woman statues, the money, and for the sake of their daughter. Unlikable character and not so innocent either.


Garret is a cheating scumbag and a horrible human being and I was happy he got what he deserved.


Luke is a nice enough guy, a writer with an unsupportive wife, Brandi wants him to quit writing, as a writer myself and if someone tells me that, they be dumped so fast it would make their head spin. Luke has another cheating friend James who is proud of his ways.


Luke and Chelsea get in touch through good reads when she leaves him a review and they chat back and forth. They meet up and have an affair. Then, Luke does something I wasn’t expecting and shit hits the fun and not worth doing of a woman like Chelsea. 


The only relatable character was Kimberly felt sorry for her to have such parents who were so irresponsible. The story is fast paced, well written but the characters cheating ways left me depressed and exhausted. 


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