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The Rich Man: An absolutely gripping psychological suspense

February 2, 2021
The Rich Man: An absolutely gripping psychological suspense

Her boyfriend vanished, but moving on could be murder… 

Acey left without a word, leaving Elena alone to pick up the pieces of her broken heart. Determined not to be crushed by his betrayal, she forces herself to get over him. 

Never did she fathom the unspeakable darkness closing in… 

Sinclair Diamond breezes into her life like an answered prayer. Handsome. Wealthy. Charming. As he lovingly dotes on her, Elena finds herself falling for him. 

But Sinclair has unspeakable secrets all his own. 

Men in black suits trailing them. Shady business dealings. The odd chain of events surrounding his first wife’s death. The more Elena learns about Sinclair, the more her apprehension builds. Yet when a ghost from her past reappears, Elena is forced to face a startling truth that could cost her everything.

Can she escape the web of deceit tightening around her? Or will she be the next to mysteriously disappear?

The Rich Man: An absolutely gripping psychological suspense aviliable on Kindle Store either to buy or Read Free on KU it’s also aviliable on paperback. 


Praise on The Rich Man: An absolutely gripping psychological suspense

The plot to this story THE RICH MAN, by J.S Ellis, threw me for a loop! First it went one way, then another as the story unfolded and each character told his or her story. The author’s skills showed through each chapter and character. There are hidden secrets. Who will be the first to reveal these secrets? lies. Who is lying to whom? Betrayal lies between the pages. Who will betray whom? 


I ripped through this book in just two days time. It was a fairly easy read and I just couldn’t help but get caught up in the storyline.


This is well-written with suspense beginning on the first page and holding steady throughout the book. The author has created believable characters by giving them depth and personality. The ending gave me chills …. somewhat reminiscent of The Godfather with the man waking up to find his horse’s head in his bed. There are no horses here .. but it’s just as jarring.

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