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The Secret She Kept a gripping psychological thriller

April 11, 2020

She’s dead. Why would she lie?


Days before her murder, Anthony’s friend, Lottie, lent him her laptop. Curiosity getting the best of him, he clicks on a file and found videos recorded by her in the year leading up to her death. Within those recordings, she exposes dark secrets someone will kill to keep hidden, and Lottie’s toxic relationship with Anthony’s long-time friend, Davian. 


When Anthony’s childhood friend, Davian is placed under arrest for the murder, Anthony refuses to believe he could do such a thing but Lottie was infatuated by Davian. More damning evidence piles up, Anthony wonders if it’s possible a man he’s known for most of his life has kept a sinister side of himself hidden. 


 Now, Anthony faces an impossible choice; turn the laptop over to the police and risk being accused of hindering the investigation, or try to solve the case himself. Lottie gave him the computer for a reason. There was something there she wanted him to see. Can he put the pieces of the puzzle together in time to uncover the killer?



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Praise on The Secret She Kept a gripping psychological thriller 


This novel grabs hold and doesn’t let go. J. S. Ellis feeds you just enough information to keep you turning pages, looking for the next clue. It’s getting late, have to get up early tomorrow, OK just a few more pages… One more chapter. And you’ll never guess the end she has in store for you. A great psychological thriller that you don’t want to miss.


There are so many subplots to the main plot so it’s hard to really go into detail without giving away spoilers. Everything revolves around finding out who killed Lottie, and why. The characters are all different and they’re not all likable but it works here. it makes you question everybody’s possible motive. And the whole book makes you question what you really do and don’t know about your own friends.


The suspense starts on the very first page and never lets up. It’s well written with a solid plot and unique characters. The ending came as quite a surprise. This is not the first book of this author’s that I’ve read and none have been a disappointment.


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