Top 5 disturbing books

July 13, 2018
disturbing books

Top 5 disturbing books.


Reading is a form of entertainment regardless of the genre, audiences will find a story they’ll enjoy. Where the characters are engaging, the word flow and the prose is beautiful. We all love a well-written tale but what about those stories that crawl under your skin. Where, while reading, you can’t help to notice Goosebumps, you feel a shiver that feels like spiders are clawing on your back. Familiar? That means you are reading a disturbing book. Here top 5 disturbing books I have read, so far.




The Road By Cormac McCarthy 


disturbing books



Frist on the lists of top 5 disturbing books. Set in a post-apocalyptic world this is a tale of a father and his young son who drift from one place to another. The road is long while the father hopes for things to improve, plants don’t grow here, and the food is slim to none. Cannibals are everywhere. Yeah, not a book you would recommend to people.









Lolita By Vladimir Nabokov


disturbing books



One of the famous books ever written but left such bad taste in my mouth.  I read this while I was on holiday mind you and it left me so angry. Yes, Dolores/Lolita was a flirtatious teenager but she was just a girl. The way Humbert dismissed her from doing she was supposed to do, preventing her from having a normal childhood is disgusting. Is it beautifully written? By far it was one of the most beautiful books out there disturbing? Yes. It is one of the saddest stories out there.











Carrie by Stephen King.


The debut of what will become the master of all horrors, Stephen King. This is not a long book. What made it so disturbing and chilling not that the girl could move things in her mind nor what she’ll do in the end. I felt sorry for her the bullying she had to endure at school and had to go home and take another level of bullying from her mother. I mean the relationship she had with her mother, how deranged her mother was it even harder to stomach. In the book is even more unsettling than how it is portrayed in the movies.





The Handmaids Tale By Margret Atwood 

disturbing books



Regarded as a masterpiece and it is. Margret Atwood is an amazing writer. I was studying literature when I had to read the book for an exam. They sure know how to pick em’ those schools. The level to detail during the ceremony where the handmaids (they are mainly surrogates with a difference, it is against their will) are being raped and the semen falling from between her legs it’s very well done. It is enough to leave you blinking at the page for a few times. Read the review here 








 5. American Psycho by Bret Ellis Easton 


disturbing books



Last on the list of disturbing books. This book is messed up and doesn’t make any sense. Our hero or Psycho, whatever term you want to use. Patrick is handsome to the point he is vain, narcissistic. Appearance and labels are everything to him. In each page, you get a detailed description of what he is wearing, what others are wearing. He works in Wall Street by day, a serial killer by night. The book drifts into killings of homeless people, prostitutes, animals, and children. Why doesn’t it make sense? Because of it ambiguous. It makes you wonder if Patrick really works in Wall Street and killed all of those people. For all we know, he can be a janitor and fantasize about sick things. Most of you are familiar with the movie which can be considered light if not funny at times but the book it’s just depraved. Read the review here





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