Top 5 most overrated books we keep hearing about

June 11, 2017
Top 5 most overrated books we keep hearing about

Top 5 most overrated books we keep hearing about


I’m settling for Top 5 most overrated books we keep hearing about. There are more than just five overrated literary works and these are the ones that came to my head. So, here we go:


Twilight series by Stephanie Mayer. Top 5 most overrated books we keep hearing about

To be honest I haven’t read them and I’m not planning to at the moment. Maybe, when I run out of the books to read, which is unlikely to happen since my list is long varying from my personal collection to authors who asked me to review their books. I have heard different opinions; some say they are badly written and don’t deserve the hype. Stephen King used strong words for her writing style and overall theme. If you haven’t seen it here is the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zb72V_4N5ko

I don’t think I’ll ever be prepared to read about a sparkly vampire when there is Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Ann Rice’s works to consider.



The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.


Top 5 most overrated books we keep hearing about


I was doing a self-editing course when the editor suggested we read this book to appreciate great writing and prose. I always wanted to read this classic, named one of the greatest American Novels of all time. Finally, I was going to sit down and read it, I couldn’t wait I was so excited. It was a short one so I thought hey, I’ll finish it in three days, perhaps even less. Wrong, it took me nearly a month to finish and it was forced, it made me fall asleep. I read a page, and I dropped dead. The Great Bore more like it. Yes, the writing was beautiful but the character of Daisy was so blunt and stupid. This was the first sign that said I’m not a sucker for romantic tragic tales.


The Hunger Game series by Suzanne Collins.


Top 5 most overrated books we keep hearing about


This series is considered classics by now if you mention the word dystopian Sci-Fi this trilogy is going to slap you in the face. Again, the opinions defer when it comes to this trilogy, some say they are bad some say they are good. I’ve read them and I enjoyed them, the writing is good too. The books are better than the movies but that is always the case. The ending made me weep like a baby, it was a perfect way to conclude the series but it was so sad.


A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgees.


Top 5 most overrated books we keep hearing about


Another dystopian classic alongside the masterpieces such as “1984” and “The Handmaid’s Tale.” We have Alex a fifteen-year-old leader of a gang who terrorize the utopian society of England in the future. I needed a dictionary just to keep up with all the slangs; Alex deserved everything he got. Yeah, he’s an antihero but I couldn’t identify with his journey and like the Great Gatsby, I don’t get the big deal behind this book. Some bits did make me laugh though.


Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James


Top 5 most overrated books we keep hearing about

Last one in the list of Top 5 most overrated books we keep hearing about, Most overrated, hyped books of all time. I had to sit there and take it while this was happening. The author is equally overrated. I don’t get it, I never will, here I am trying to learn the craft of writing, reading the best works that made it to publication, and then ladies and gentlemen we have this monstrosity. As I said in the previous post, you can read it here  https://joannewritesbooks.com/blog/top-5-overrated-authors/

People who love this book look at me as if I dropped from another planet when they try to shove it down my throat. Maybe I’m insane or I’ve read too many books to know the difference between a good book, and a terrible one. No man, no matter how good looking, how rich he is, should ever be excused for that sort of behavior.


Got an overrated book in mind? Tell me in the comments.


Happy Writing xxx

  1. LMAOOO I agree with everything on this list, esp. 50 shades of domestic abuse I mean grey. If you want to see something hilarious, go on you tube and search for gilbert godfried reading an excerpt from the book.

  2. At least two of my must reads are on this list. But I also heard from other people of why they think It was overrated. I liked your point of view?

  3. I’m a reader so I have read the Twilight Series, the Fifty Shades series, and the Great Gatsby (it was for a class assignment). I’m simply a fan of a storyline and a series, and the two series fall under that category. I don’t really have anything negative to say about them, but I understand that people’s tastes differ. I’ve never read the Hunger Games series, and honestly, I have no desire to. It’s always nice to see the perspectives of other writers/book lovers. 🙂

  4. In high school everyone tried shoving Hunger Games down my throat, the always said “You love to read, I’m sure you’ll love it” and it eventually just made me hate the book and have even less interest in reading it.

  5. I feel like „me before you“, the fault in our stars“ and John Greens books in general are completely overrated. I always feel like people read the book without ever having read a book before so that they‘re easily to impress. But come on there are so many better books! The storys are so foreseeable, not even mentioning the middle-rated spelling style..

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