Top 5 motivational quotes about writing
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Top 5 motivational quotes about writing

Top 5 motivational quotes about writing


Hello! Happy New year and hope you all had good holidays. I welcome you to the first blog of the year! Yay! 


I have been feeling lazy and not writing much. I’m also busy with my full job and when I come home, I’ll be too tired to write anything. So, I had been searching on the internet about motivational quotes about writing to make me hopeful. So without further ado lets dive right in into the Top 5 motivational quotes about writing 


Top 5 motivational quotes about writing

The above quote is a great example of newbie writers like myself or any writers worry about if the story had been said before. We can say that we read so many stories about vampires, witches and warlocks, or crime novels with a serial killer in it that we say but it already been written before. The only difference is that every writer has their own different voice and writing style to tell it to the readers. 

Top 5 motivational quotes about writing

Another good one of the Top 5 motivational quotes about writing; Stephen King has many quotes about writing on his non-fiction book on writing this is my personal favorite of it. Fiction in a way can be the truth to readers, a story can touch people in a different way and not everyone views the story the same way for example as I do. Fiction is not just a story it can mean so much to each person. 


Top 5 motivational quotes about writing

When I had my manuscript sent to beta readers, I was both afraid and skeptical. I thought here I am sending my words and hard work to the world. One time I had a beta reader who was so critical of my novel and kept comparing it to a famous novel that she made me give up. I went on vacation to get away from it and my fiancee told me ‘and you want to quit’ then what? You’re going to let the judgment of one person to stop doing what you love. He was right and now that same manuscript is on its way to an editor.  

Top 5 motivational quotes about writing

There isn’t much to add here, you go to a bookstore or browse on Amazon for that book you want to read but can’t find it? Write one, you if want to read it, other people will. 


 Top 5 motivational quotes about writing

Writing is hard, and it takes years to master the craft. Every writer out have trouble writing the words and trying to convey the message or meaning behind the story they are trying to tell. I find it difficult to pen down words to how I see it in my head and put into the paper. 

Happy Writing xxx 


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