Tropes in Romance and Erotica 

Tropes I hate in Romance and Erotica

Tropes in Romance and Erotica 

That is becoming a cliche 


I have been looking to read more “lighter” reads at the time being to take a break from the Thrillers/mystery/horror or dystopia genres. Before I start this blog post I would like to the point out this is by any means any disrespect to the authors who write on this specific genre or the genre itself. This is a list I made of tropes in Romance and Erotica while reading that I’ve noticed in this type of genre.


The woman that needs to be rescued aka The damsel in distress


Please, can we stop with the woman being rescued? Is there such thing as a woman saving herself instead of the man doing the rescuing? Or the man that comes at the right time, when the woman is about to get into trouble? I’m sure men like women who are capable of taking care of herself.

The poor girl and the rich man who buys her stuff.


The poor girl rich man thing is becoming something of a cliche. It’s unrealistic in my opinion. I know it’s fiction but come on, I don’t daydream about a man buying a diamond necklace or whisk me off in his sports car with the word asshole stamp all over it. Can we have two people with normal jobs falling in love? We’re in 20th-century women don’t need men to buy them stuff.

The virgin that has 100 orgasms in her first time. 


Please, stop this. Do these female authors remember their first time? I sure I did, and it was an uncomfortable, awkward painful experience. Yes, it gets better but please make it realistic.


The Heroin’s Life changes overnight. 


Years ago, I’ve read a book that her boyfriend was cheating she went to New York. She made friends with the receptionist who asked the MC to move in right away, without knowing more about her. She started writing for this blog became an overnight success and dating two guys at the same time. If I go to New York with a half-baked plan I’m sure it won’t turn out so well. 

The Stalking.


Last of the lists in tropes in Romance and Erotica and the one that bugs me the most, stalking is not sexy. I don’t think women fantasize (I don’t) a man stalking them no matter how hot the guy is. Stop this leave the stalking for thrillers it is not romantic it’s creepy. 


Happy writing and reading. 


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