Voice In the Wilderness By H.L Wegley Book Review
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Voice In the Wilderness By H.L Wegley Book Review

Voice In the Wilderness By H.L Wegley Book Review

I don’t normally read political thrillers but I devoured this book. It’s a well-written story and a good author. Voice in the Wilderness starts with K.C a network specialist has found President Hannah illegal entries into the nation’s security. She goes to meet her mentor Sean at the Lincoln Memorial where she receives a text that she’s being set up. They discuss the situation and decides that she needs to get out of town for a while. Upon leaving, she hears a gunshot, realizes that her mentor has been shot. The only person KC can trust is her childhood friend Brock Daniels a writer whose blog is read by the nation. KC goes to him for her help.

The characters are well developed and relatable I liked the character of Broke more than of KC. I liked the way he expressed himself in his blog that came across as powerful. It has a heart-warming love story and the scenes are not passionate. The violence is not overdone either. If you like, thrillers and politics I highly recommend this book.


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