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Writing the first draft

March 30, 2018
Writing the first draft

Writing the first draft

Writing the first draft: it’s called the first draft for many reasons, writing the first draft is jointing down your ideas on paper.


Whatever you do, don’t look at what you wrote. I repeat; don’t look at what you wrote. Why? Because that comes later when revising, yes prepare to be mortified.


Don’t correct the grammatical errors or spelling that also goes into the revising phrase.


Writing the first draftSome writers like to edit the first draft hoping it will be beautifully written. In that turtle mood, you’ll never finish the thing. Your focus is to slap “The End” at the bottom of the page and don’t go crazy on editing. Don’t show it to anybody, not to your loved ones, not even to your dog or cat, not until you adjust it yourself and for God’s sake don’t send it over to an editor. Just don’t. 


“The first drafts don’t have to be perfect they have to be written.” 


I have been sick with the flu these past few days and had this idea for a story, I am between edits at the moment but I took a break so, I managed to jolt down 24K in a week that is a lot of words. 

I noticed that I need to remove the first chapter and add it in the later chapters, re-write chapter 2, which is going to be chapter 1. I might have to re-write the whole thing but hey this writing no-one said it’s going to be easy. Stop complaining. Re-writes are what makes good writing, so re-write and rewrite and yes, do cry.  It’s okay. You can do it. You are going to be fine. The re-writes are toughest in the whole progress. Actually, writing the first draft is the fun part.


Bottom line, butt in the chair, and write. Don’t worry about verbs and repeated words it will be fixed later.

Happy writing.


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  1. I wrote my first book with my twin sister over a year ago. I must say I enjoyed the experience and feel like I have so much more to give. I loved reading this piece and now I have some more insight into the process. Thanks

  2. such great advice, especially for someone who has been writing stories her whole life, but they sit in a notebooks. I have decided it was high time they got a look in and see the light, so am sstarting on this crazy adventure called writing a novel.
    I will for sure keep an eye on your words of wisdom 🙂

  3. Spot on advice. We put such an emphasis on perfection that we forget to start. As a pantser, I know how important it is to see the words strung together, even if they aren’t particularly pretty, that can be fixed later. I have to allow my subconscious to surprise me with the plot twists before I can worry about explaining them to someone else.

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