How to find your writing voice? Five steps to help you find your writer's voice.
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How to find your writing voice? Five steps to help you find your writer’s voice.

How to find your writing voice? Five steps to help you find your writer’s voice.


The writing voice is you as a writer and the voice you implement in your style. Each has a different voice, if not, we all sound the same and that would be boring. Each story contains the same pattern in romance, you have the girl meets boy and girl and boy fall in love. In thrillers we have something bad happen. What it makes these stories compelling is the voice. Here are five steps that WILL help you find-writing voice.


  1. Read books.


I can never say this enough but reading is the key to writing. When you read, you’ll notice that each author has its own her/his different voice this what makes them distinct. For example, Stephen King is an established his voice and readers know the voice writing style he uses. We all have writers we admire, read their work to see how they describe the characters, the dialogue, the verbs they use, etc.


     Don’t however.


Don’t copy the author’s voice you admire. You and that author are different people. Don’t write like them, when you publish, the readers will know you tried to emulate that voice. 


  1. Compare the voices.


Take five books you love and cherish by different authors. Look at those books asks yourself what intrigues you? Are these voices alike? Are they different? How? We admire what we aspire to be.


  1. Imagine your ideal reader.


Think of your ideal reader, now ask yourself what type of books he/she like to read? What do they like? Do they have a sense of humor?  Now, describe your ideal reader. Write a story about them. Next, write to your ideal reader I know it sounds crazy but try it, it works.

  1. Write freely.


To find your writing voice you need to write, the more you write, the more your voice will improve. Write freely, jot down whatever comes to mind don’t edit it that comes later. Afterward, read it ask yourself, can I publish something sounding like this?

  1. Your feelings.


When you’re writing do you ask yourself how you feel about publishing? Are you worried? Afraid? Excited? Doubting yourself? You think your writing sucks, don’t worry you’re on the right track.  Are you calm? If you are, then write something you haven’t written before. Fear is good because it makes your writing matter.


Happy writing and reading xxx


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