The Neighbour’s Cat: Book1

The Neighbour’s Cat

The Neighbour’s Cat Book 1: A psychological thriller with a nerve-shredding climax serial killer thriller

My roommate is a serial killer. And I have been powerless to stop him because I… am a cat.

Don’t get me wrong; Dean has never been cruel to me. He provides me with shelter, toys, and plenty of affection. But I have seen his dark side, his brutal treatment of women, and I can’t bear to watch anyone else get hurt.

Jane from next door is attractive for a human, not to mention being incredibly kind. That kindness may get her killed. I’ve seen how Dean looks at her, I know what he’s plotting. In his mind, she’s his for the taking. I wasn’t able to save the others, but I’m not ready to give up. One way or another, I have to figure out how to communicate to Jane that she’s in danger.

Can I find a way to warn her in time? Or will she become just another name on his growing list of victims? Can I stop him before the body count rises?

Perfect for fans of You, Hidden Bodies, You love me, Dexter and Cat lovers