The Rich Man

The Rich Man

A twisted psychological thriller that will keep you guessing

Her beloved disappeared without a word.

When a web of deceit tightens, can a young woman uncover the truth before she’s the next to get ghosted? Elena Gomez’s heart aches over her boyfriend’s betrayal. But determined to pick up the pieces, she squares her shoulders and struggles to rebuild.

And when a handsome and wealthy widower sweeps into her life, she dares hope he’s the answer to her prayers. Blossoming under his devoted attention, Elena soon finds herself falling hard for his magnetic charm.

But when she discovers the odd events surrounding his late wife’s death, a series of unnerving coincidences send her pulse racing with dread. And when a ghost from her past returns, she fears she’s stepped into a trap that could cost her everything.

Can she escape the darkness closing in, or will she be pulled six feet under?