In Her Words

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Sophie Knight has everything: she’s beautiful, the apartment in Notting Hill, the successful career as an accountant and, the older but handsome husband. She’s also an alcoholic who consoles her drinking from her husband and writes on a dairy. One night, she goes out her friend, wakes up the next morning with her body-covered bruises, with no recollection of what happened to her, and suspects she had been raped.


In Her Words


Michael Frisk steps into her life, he is everything her husband isn’t. A young saxophonist, blond, gorgeous with no care of the world. He claims she partied with him and his friends on the night she went out. Sophie although suspects he’s hiding something, falls for him hard and passionately. Strange things start to happen, notes in her mailbox, mysterious phone calls. Michael friends lingering in the neighbor and someone is following her. Maybe trustingMichael isn’t such a good idea…



  Released in 2019