• Naming your characters. 
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    Naming your characters. Three places where you can get name ideas of your characters.

    Naming your characters. Three places where you can get name ideas of your characters.       Naming your characters might sound easy but it can be tricky. There are points to consider and the character name should reflect on their personality. Here are three places where you can find name ideas.   Baby site   Most writers use these sites not because they plan to have kids if you are, congrats! The characters are writers babies at least, I’ll think of it that way. I’m a frequent user of these sites to find names and get ideas. The names are listed by gender some of them are unisex and are…

  • The Unlikable Characters
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    Crafting The Unlikable Character.

    Crafting The Unlikable Character.   The unlikeable protagonist is nothing new in fiction from Humbert in Lolita to Amy Dunne in Gone Girl. What makes a character unlikeable? It could be because of their motivates or their self-destructive nature or the actions they make. Think of them as someone you don’t want to invite to the dinner party. Bottom line, this is not someone you want to spend time with.   As a writer who writes thrillers, I don’t believe a character has to be “likable” especially in this genre. The genre is important if you planning to write romance or fantasy some of the characters or the main character…

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    Join My Facebook Group   If you a thriller/mystery/suspense author or want to write a thriller but don’t know where to start or you love the genre in general, click on the button and will direct you to the facebook group for tips or discussions. There are a set of questions to answer before joining for security reasons, be sure to answer them or I won’t accept you in the group.    JOIN HERE

  • Tropes in Romance and Erotica 

    Tropes I hate in Romance and Erotica

    Tropes in Romance and Erotica  That is becoming a cliche    I have been looking to read more “lighter” reads at the time being to take a break from the Thrillers/mystery/horror or dystopia genres. Before I start this blog post I would like to the point out this is by any means any disrespect to the authors who write on this specific genre or the genre itself. This is a list I made of tropes in Romance and Erotica while reading that I’ve noticed in this type of genre.   The woman that needs to be rescued aka The damsel in distress   Please, can we stop with the woman being rescued? Is there…

  • Writing quotes from famous authors
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    Top five best writing advice from famous author who inspires you to finish that book.

    Writing quotes from famous authors who inspire you to finish your book or NaNoWriMo.   With Nanowrimo around among us, we would need a few words of inspiration to help us go through the processes of writing 50K words in 30 days. After too many words down on the page and the coffee cups keep filling or with tea for tea lovers, we tend to get disheartened and ask ourselves, is it all worth it? Where the story is going? Don’t think about it now. Just keep on going and get the finish line of hitting the 50K mark.   If you don’t, don’t worry you still achieved something. Pat yourself in the…

  • How to prep for NaNoWriMo
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    How to prep for nanowrimo.

    How to prep for NaNoWriMo. Five things to consider before you start.   It’s time of the year again. Nanowrimo is a challenge that starts in November where writers from all around the world gather to write 50k in one month. That is about 1600 words every day. I did NaNoWriMo five times and won it five times. Here are some tips on how to prep for NaNoWriMo this year to keep in mind if you are planning to take part in    Get Organised.   50k in a month is a lot of words so you need to get organized and plan. To achieve this goal, you have to write every…

  • How to create flawed characters.
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    how to create flawed characters. What are the three types of flows?

    How to create flawed characters. What are the three types of flaws?     In this post, I’m going to write about character flaws and the three key flaw you can implement when writing your book. Flaws are important because it makes your character appear more human in the eyes of the reader. Nobody wants to read about a character who is perfect and possesses any form of a flaw. Here are is how to create flawed characters        The psychological flaw. The psychological flaw as it suggests it’s something psychological. It can be either alcohol or drug use. Something that triggers the character to abuse. Another form…

  • dysoptian novels

    Top 5 dystopian novels

    Top 5 dystopian novels you have to read at least once    I have a fundamental love for dystopian novels. If you are not familiar with the genre this is what the word means.  Adjective relating to or denoting an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded one. “the dystopian future of a society bereft of reason” noun a person who advocates or describes an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad. “a lot of things those dystopian feared did not come true” Basically is set in the future and a government takes over and controls everything. Without…

  • How to write a thriller novel
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    How to write a thriller novel.

      How to write a thriller novel.   Thrillers and mystery are among the most popular genres in fiction. Have you ever read a good thriller and wondered how it is written? What are the main flavors good thrillers needs? Below I listed five tips on how to write a thriller novel.   When writing a thriller you need to establish, what kind of thriller you are going to write. There are different types of thrillers such as psychological thrillers like Gone Girl. Mystery novels, which is solving the mystery of a murder or theft. Legal thrillers, or medical thrillers, military thrillers, Sci-fi thrillers you catch my drift.    …