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Thriller author

Hello Friends! My name is Joanne who writes under penname J.S Ellis I’m a thriller author. If you are here that means you are either a lover of words, a lover books or both!  I’m obsessed with passionate stories that go terribly wrong. That’s why I chose to write thrillers. My debut thriller novel, “In Her Words” is now available on Amazon and other major retailers. I’m set to publish my second novel, “Not his Take” this summer. 

A few of my favorite authors: George Orwell, Charles Bukowski, Charles Dickens, Nicci French, Patrick McGrath.


I also launch a youtube channel specifically on how to write thrillers you can subscribe here 

When I’m not writing and putting my characters in worse situation possible I like spending time with my husband to be or enjoy drinking wine and cooking. 

For more information about my book you can go on My Books page and if you have questions don’t hesitate to contact me through the contact me page. 


Happy Writing xx

thriller author